Selasa, 06 November 2012

A.S.A. (I miss U)

It was just the words "oh...,OK, fine" come out of my mouth when first time I saw you
You were just an ordinary little child who I can find anywhere in this world
You were NOTHING but a flat faced tiny little girl
You were NOT special

As time goes by my heart stuck on you
You've successfully got my heart
You've dragged me to your world by inch
Till I dive into your beautiful little world

But, where are you now, sunshine?
Last time I saw you, you showed that smiley face on me when I woke up that day
Don't you dare let me down
I miss you, little angel

I miss your smile
I miss your giggle
I miss your rabbit-like teeth
I miss everything in you

I remember when you said "papa"
I remember when you said "mama"
I remember when you were running around with your adidas on your little feet
I remember when you asked me to rise you up again and again
I remember when you were dancing in front of the television
I remember every second we spent together

Please come back
I just wanna see your face and make sure that you're alright

Dear God.....
Please save her

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